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About us

Welcome to Debate Land, the premier debate initiative that brings a fresh perspective to the world of competitive high school debating. Formerly known as, we have evolved to become the ultimate platform. Our mission is to democratize data in debate, empowering individuals and teams to make informed decisions and elevate their performance to new heights.

At Debate Land, we understand that the key to success in any field is access to reliable, up-to-date information. We believe that by providing comprehensive and transparent rankings, we can foster a more inclusive and competitive debate community. Gone are the days of relying on subjective opinions or ELO scores. Our cutting-edge algorithms analyze a wide range of factors, from individual speaker performance to judge bias, delivering maximum accuracy that truly reflects the prowess of debaters and provides a platform for debaters to report their success.

Founders Sam Chitgopekar and Adithya Vaidyanathan envisioned a world where every debater, regardless of their background or resources, could harness the power of data to sharpen their skills, track their progress, and showcase their success. Their passion for debate, coupled with their expertise in technology, gave birth to, the precursor to Debate Land. Today, they realize a new mission, to proactively raise the level of information available in the debate space.

Our commitment to innovation is unwavering, as we constantly explore new avenues to enhance the user experience and expand our services. Whether you're a seasoned debater or just starting out, Debate Land is your trusted partner on the journey to greatness.

But our vision extends beyond rankings alone. We strive to create a vibrant community where debaters can connect, share insights, and collaborate. Through our user-friendly platform, you can explore a wealth of resources, including comprehensive debate archives, expert analysis, and interactive forums. Our aim is to foster an environment that encourages knowledge sharing and growth, empowering debaters to push the boundaries of their abilities.

In the ever-evolving world of debate, Debate Land stands at the forefront, revolutionizing the way we perceive and evaluate debating. Join us on this exciting journey as we unlock the power of data and transform the debate landscape. Together, let's shape a future where every debater has the tools they need to succeed. Welcome to Debate Land, where data meets debate!