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We're changing debate

The Spark Engine

Enabling next-gen insights.

Uncovering the unknown

Debate Land's goal has always been to democratize data for all things debate. Previously, that meant chasing 100% replication of Tabroom—any stats they'd have, we'd have. Over the past year, however, we've set our sights even higher. Now, our goal is to provide even more insight, using complex computing and engineering to uncover the unknown.

The first of its kind

Spark is our advanced Neural Network engine, designed to advance the field of qualitative debate analytics. Spark is trained on thousands of paradigms and hundreds of thousands of debate rounds, ensuring highly accurate statistical predictions beyond mere data, offering quality performance insights, and highlighting areas for improvement.

Only getting better

Spark’s Neural Engine generates any stats with this header: . While Spark represents a significant advancement in debate analysis, no model is infallible. To continuously refine its accuracy, we've incorporated straightforward feedback mechanisms accessible to everyone, with or without an account. User feedback is crucial for the ongoing improvement of Spark, enabling us to refine our model and maintain its presence in the evolving world of digital debate.